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Green card is a document used in the United States to identify a permanent resident of the country.

Benefits of green card

  • You can legally live in the USA
    Freely move between states and change your place of living. After 10 years, a green card is renewed.
  • Freely enter and leave the USA
    The green card holder is able to leave the country, but this is not advised if the Green Card is about to expire.
  • You get all the rights of a US citizen except the right to vote.
  • You are eligible to apply for the USA citizenship in 5 years.
  • You can freely apply for any position in the United States, with the exception of political ones.
  • If you have worked in the United States for at least 10 years, you are eligible for a pension and other benefits.
  • Insurance
    The insurance system in the USA is the most reliable in the world. But one of the prerequisites for participation in it is a residence permit in the United States.
  • Loans
    Access to the US credit system and low interest rates.
  • Education
    Access to the US education system. Kids can attend public schools for free and are eligible for various college grants.
  • You will also be able to travel to countries that allow visa-free access from the United States.

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