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A Green Card is a document giving a person legal permanent residence in the USA. It is possible to obtain this document in multiple ways – through marriage, employment, EB-5 visa, refugee status.

Here are some ways of getting the US green card


One of the fastest ways to get permanent residency. You need to get married to the US citizen.


Green cards are given to foreigners with exceptional abilities. It's a lengthy process that requires an employer who would be interested in petitioning for you.

▫️Refugee status

Less common, but could be a viable type of visa if you can prove your refugee status.

▫️Investment through EB-5 program

One of the best ways to receive a green card. EB-5 involves investing a large sum of money into the US economy. Entrepreneurs are required to invest 900,000 dollars which is returned at the end of the investment period.

EB-5 program is the most reliable and quick way to get permanent residency in the USA. Our team has multiple years of the EB-5 experience and is licensed by the US immigration agency.

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