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The USA is known as «country of immigrants», yet many people are refused entrance into the country. There are a few reasons, which we will cover in this article.

  • First reason — physical and psychological illness that could potentially harm others.
  • Second — criminal history. Crimes such as murder, pedophilia, rape, drug and arms dealing, pose a permanent ban on entrance into the USA. Waiver will not remove this ban.
  • Third reason — submitting false information to obtain a visa or any benefits in the US.
  • Fourth — participation or aiding terrorist groups.
  • Fifth — helping others to get into the United States illegaly.
  • Sixth — person who once was deported from the USA is prohibited from reentering for at least five years.
  • Seventh - foreigners who were convicted of two or more violations of the law for which they had to serve a sentence for five or more years.

These are the main reasons to ban entry into the US, but there are many others.

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