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A lot of people dream about moving to the USA. If you are able to do it, you need to figure out which state is best for you.

We can help you gather the information about the state of interest. People we worked with live all across the USA and share their experiences with us.

  • Climate
    Depends on the latitude. Montana, Minnesota are similar to Russia, while Florida and California have summer all year round. Certain states have predominantly mountain terrain, others — fields, forests.
  • Russian population
    If you like socializing with people from your motherland then New York or California are great choices. There are a lot of immigrants from Russia and post USSR countries who can guide and support you.
  • Religion
    Mormon influence will not be appreciated by agnostics, atheists, so they need to avoid states like Utah and choose more urban areas.
  • Cataclysms
    Southern states are known for rainstorms and droughts. Certain areas experience frequent tornadoes. The government is quick to deal with the consequences and provides necessary aid, but try avoiding areas with frequent natural disasters.
  • Wildlife
    You can find a snake in most states. There are alligators and pythons in Georgia and Florida. Usually, they are not dangerous because special services control their population, however if you dislike reptiles you should avoid the states where they live.
  • Work
    You need to study the job market, because the best state for you is where your skills and experience are needed. You have greater chance of finding a well-paid job in these states.
  • Relations
    First couple of years will be difficult, but if you have relatives or friends they can help to adapt in new environment and introduce you to the culture.

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