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Students arrive to the USA from all countries of the world. 600 thousand foreign students study there now. Prestige and advanced technologies in the US universities and schools are the reason of their popularity.

Let's take a look at the benefits and differences of the American education system.

  • In the USA once a student graduates from school, he/she receives a certificate, that allows to apply for any US university, including the most advanced ones.
  • Theoretical studies go hand in hand with practical applications.
  • Educational system takes into consideration every student’s individual differences. This gives exceptional flexibility.
  • Teachers are friendly and welcoming to foreign students, helping them to get familiar with traditions, rules and customs. Foreign students receive individually tailored educational programs.
  • Individual approach to all subjects. Foreign students get individual programs, instead of the ones set up by the Government.
  • Application rules are not unified — every student who applies will be reviewed by a special committee.
  • Applicant age requirements, length of education, and other features may vary by state.
  • There are public and private schools in the USA. Private schools often offer better quality, lower teacher to student ratio and advanced technologies.
  • 90 thousand schools in the USA are public, and 30 thousand schools are private. 2 thousand out of 4 thousand colleges in the USA are private.
  • Kindergarten is a required step in the US education.
  • School year is devided into quarters, same as in Russia.
  • A week consists of 5 school days.

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