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We will tell you a few more important, necessary and interesting facts about US visas.
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Many countries of the world, and almost all European countries as well, give the owner of real estate a residence permit if he/she bought a property in the country that has a price above a certain threshold set by the government.

With this permit, you can live in the country, but you cannot work. Almost all European countries have similar rules.

In the USA, the rules are different, and the price of real estate is irrelevant. Owning real estate gives no ground for applying for long-term visas.

You can enter the United States with B1 or B2 tourist visa. The maximum duration of a tourist visa is 180 days. And, if you decide to purchase a house in Miami, you would not be allowed to live in it permanently on a tourist visa, only up to 6 months per year while your visa lasts.

The United States has other visa options that could lead to long-term residence. One of them is an EB5 visa that allows foreign investors apply for permanent residence.

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