EB-5 visa is better than student Visa

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Many students who want to study in the USA apply for EB-5 visa instead of a student visa.

There are three reasons:

EB-5 visa might lower the cost of education

International students who receive green cards through EB-5 program are eligible for education discounts. The cost of education for residents is lower than that for foreigners. This well compensates for the cost of the EB-5 visa.

Parents who file for EB-5 visas are also eligible to get visas for their children under 21. This increases the savings - children will be eligible for education discounts and grants.

Even though EB-5 requires 900 thousand dollar investment, these funds are returned to the applicant in 5 years.

EB-5 visa will help you get a job in the USA

EB-5 visa allows a student to get a job while studying or after his/her graduation without any restrictions.

It is very hard to get a job with a student visa. Student visa also limits schools that a student can apply for.

ЕВ-5 visa is the first step towards receiving the US citizenship

EB-5 visa allows applicants and their relatives to apply for the US citizenship without any additional requirements. It will be hard and oftentimes impossible to get citizenship through other types of the US visas.

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