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After news concerning possible border lockdown, the situation finally cleared up on April 22. Due to emergency situation in the USA, president Trump signed orders restricting entry into the USA for 60 days. Certain categories of people will be affected.

  1. Those located outside of the USA when the restriction order took effect
  2. Those without an active immigration visa as of the date of the restriction order
  3. Those who had no other documents that allow entry into the USA
  4. Restrictions do not apply to the following categories:
  5. Legal permanent the USA resident (Green Card owner)
  6. Foreign citizen required to travel to the USA with immigration visa as doctor or nurse combatting COVID-19 infections.
  7. Foreign citizen applying for EB-5 visa program
  8. Foreign citizen under 21 years old, who is a child of USA citizen
  9. Foreign citizen important for the USA law enforcement
  10. Citizen arriving with SI or SQ visa
  11. Foreign citizen in the USA Armed Forces

Restriction measures affect immigration type visas. Trump ordered to assemble documents with measures concerning non-immigration visas

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