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Americans consider birth of a child with a disability (e.g. with Down syndrome) a special circumstance, not a terrible problem, because the society treats these children with understanding and compassion, and tries to integrate them.

When a child is born with a disability, he or she is registered in a special regional center. Employees of this center help parents with training and education of the child.

Schools have certified teachers and therapists who work with special kids. Teachers try to integrate these kids into regular schools, but if a parent prefers a specialized school, then there are plenty of options as well.

Americans treat special people with tolerance and respect, and gladly accept them as part of the society. Classmates and teachers do not discriminate kids with disabilities. On the contrary, they try to support them and help with communication.

The government provides parents with a child support in the amount of around 1000 dollars per a child with developmental problems. If parents have to work, the special services center appoints a trained child specialist or a nurse to care for a disabled child.

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