10 facts about the EB-5 program

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We recommend the EB-5 program as a reliable way to immigrate to the USA with your family. Here are some facts about EB-5:

  • Approval rate
    85-90 percent approval rate for Green Card requests with EB-5 visa.
  • Minimal requirements for EB-5 participants
    Not required to know English language or have any specific education. Citizens of all countries may apply for EB-5 visa, including Russians.
  • Freedom of movement
    Investors can choose any state and city to live, regardless of the location of their investment project.
  • Green Cards for the entire family
    Investor, his/her spouse and kids under 21 years old receive green cards under the same application.
  • Investment amount of 900000 dollars
    According to the program rules. Investor is supposed to invest $900000. Similar programs of other countries generally require larger capital investments.
  • Speed of application process
    It takes between 14-24 months to get a temporary Green Card through the EB-5 program.
  • the USA citizenship
    5 years after receiving your Green Card, you may apply for the US Citizenship.
  • Investment projects
    You may invest in your own project or a Regional Center project. We recommend investing through a Regional Center because it greatly simplifies the process.
  • Capital return
    Investment capital is structured as a loan to the developer. It is returned to investor in 5 years.
  • Popularity among Russian investors
    In the past 5 years, the number of Russian EB-5 investors has doubled. Nonetheless, the leader in EB-5 investors is China

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